PE/PP/PB/PVDF Welding Wipes

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Woodside Electrofusion Welding Wipes are used to clean joints before welding thermoplastic materials including PE, PP, PB and PVDF.  With their high purity content of 90% Ethanol, they will ensure your pipe surface is clean and ready to weld.

First usage:

– Gently shake the tub to distribute the alcohol solution evenly.

– Remove the lid of the container, and pierce a hole in the foil seal.

– From the centre of the roll, thread a wipe through the lid, then replace the lid.

– Remove wipes as required and re-seal by pushing down the flip cap to prevent the wipes drying out.

Cleaning the surfaces before welding:

– After preparing any materials to be welded, dry both surfaces and wipe them with a Woodside Fusion Alcohol Wipe, which is soaked in an ethanol based solution.

– Replace the wipe after each usage to prevent contamination.

– Remember, always ensure all surfaces are dry and lint free before beginning your weld.


– resistant to tearing

– can be used with drinking water installations

– very good cleaning and disinfecting properties

– leaves no deposits or fibres

– perfect for cleaning PE pipes

– ultra high liquid content keeps wipes moist


100 wipes per tub

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