Fusion Hotplate PTFE Re-coating

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Butt Fusion and Socket Fusion Welding are methods of jointing similar plastic materials. A hot PTFE coated tool is inserted between both surfaces to be jointed. Once the materials have reached the correct jointing parameters, the hot tool is removed and the materials are brought together in a controlled manner to create a strong joint.  To ensure a quality fusion weld, it is critical to ensure that your hotplate tooling is clean, free from contamination and has a good quality non-stick coating.

At Woodside Fusion we have developed a strong reputation for hotplate repair and recoating. We can offer a simple recoat service if you prefer to carry out your own prep work, or if you wish, we can handle the whole process including: Strip down machine, linish damage from plate, oven bake to break down old coating, oxide grit blast, prime, top coat, oven cure, re-assemble and test.

We recoat hotplates using a very high grade PTFE coating to ensure we achieve the best balance of non-stick, durability and longevity of the coating whilst operating at high temperatures.

Call 01909 499499 or email service@woodside.uk to talk to us about recoating your butt fusion or socket fusion welding equipment.