Mainlayers Tooling

The Woodside team have many combined years of experience at the coal face, We are constantly striving to provide a range of tooling which is designed to make life more straightforward and enjoyable for those facing the tough challenges on site everyday.
Take a few minutes to browse through some of the products designed to make life simpler, more efficient and easier today!

  • Alignment Clamps

    Electrofusion alignment clamps help ensure that the pipes are held secure and correctly aligned during the electrofusion welding process. Our range is simple but effective.

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  • Saddle Welding Clamps

    Woodside stock a range of Saddle Welding Clamps to assist with the installation of branch and tapping tee saddles.

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  • Debeading Tools

    Bead removal is common task in the butt fusion welding tents of today, whether it be for analysis, sliplining, cable ducting or simply the finishing touch on a tidy job! We offer a range of tooling which is intuitive, easy to use, accurate and versatile.

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  • Chamfer Tools

    Our Chamfer Tools are simple manual tools for bevelling/chamfering the ends of plastic pipes in readiness for electrofusion, socket fusion and general pipe connection.

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  • Squeeze Tools

    The durability of polyethylene means that it can be squeezed off to stop the flow in the event that a valve is not available or accessible. Check out our range of squeeze tools.

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  • Pipe Support Rollers

    Protect your pipe and make it easier to work with on site with our range of pipe rollers.

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  • Pipe Carts

    The Pipe Cart range from Woodside has been designed to assist with moving PE pipe around site, and minimise damage to the pipe wall while doing so.

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  • Warning Tapes

    Woodside's range of Warning Tapes are designed to protect services such as cables and pipes from damage during excavation.

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  • Cleaning & Marking

    Amongst the most essential ingredients of a good plastic weld is preparation. This involves cleanliness (which is probably the most difficult one to achieve on site) and correct marking. We have a simple range of preparation products which can help you achieve weld perfection.

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  • Welding Tents

    At Woodside Fusion, our site seasoned staff know all too well how our great British weather keeps installers on their toes. Talk to us about welding tents and shelters.

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