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We all have relationships in our daily lives. At Woodside Fusion, relationships are of utmost importance to us with both customers and suppliers alike and we seek to build on a foundation of integrity and loyalty.

We have a strong dedicated supply chain. Woodside Fusion are constantly working to cement the Ritmo and Fox products firmly in the UK market place.

We form strong relationships with our customers which range from equipment hire companies to plastic fabricators to pipework install teams.

Our products are used across many sectors. These include, utility industries (gas,water sewage), geothermal heat collection, landfill gas harvesting, AD plants, rainwater systems, directional drilling operations are to name but a few.

  • Ritmo Plastic Welding Technology

    Ritmo is a world leader with over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of plastic welding equipment.
    All products are designed and built according to International standards and directives (UNI, ISO, CEE). Since the very beginning, quality and technology innovation are RITMO’s milestones, and time after time, this philosophy is always more recognized by the global market.

    RITMO strong points are its ideas to design and produce accurate, fast, versatile, modular and easy-to-use welding machines.  The product range includes butt fusion, electrofusion and extrusion equipment. Ritmo also provides a complete line of accessories and tooling for pipe cutting and weld preparation.

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  • Fox Fittings

    FOX FITTINGS is one of the leading producers in Europe of Fittings and Ball Valves made of Polyethylene.

    The company has an extensive distribution network throughout Europe and in many countries around the World.

    FOX FITTINGS was established in 1990 and as a Family business, is committed to a stable and continuous development of its brand. With its innovative approach, The Company introduces many new products to its range every year, thereby offering its customers a solid technical support and high quality fittings.

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