MINI 160 JOYT Elbows Liquid Drainage Fusion Welder

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The MINI 160 JOYT ELBOWS is a portable butt fusion welder for fusing drainage pipes up to 160mm Ø.  It features special jaws for manufacturing elbows.

This machine is characterized by its extractable heating plate, the safety microswitches on the milling cutter to avoid accidental starting and its articulated lateral supports. The Mini 160 Joyt’s sturdy frame comes in very handy during working and transportation.  The machine body includes a spring-loaded pressure-regulating device and handwheel for the rack-feed movement of the carriage.  It also features rapid-lock clamps, which enable elbows (also with a very short neck), tees and Y-branches to be easily locked without the need of any additional devices.  It also has protection housing around the heating element for additional safety.

Available in two versions: with a fixed mechanical thermostat (TF) or an adjustable electronic thermoregulator (TE).

– Machine body with a milling cutter and lateral supports
– TP 200 TE plate or TF plate
– Right and Left clamp with inserts from 40 – 160 mm diameter
– MINI 160 JOYT frame
– Working/transport steel case

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