Prisma Jig Socket Fusion Welder

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The Prisma Jig is a compact socket welding machine for HDPE, PP and PP-R, PVDF and PB with a diameter from 20-125 mm (63-125 as standard, 20-50mm available on request).  It can be supplied for Type A or B sockets depending on requirements.

The machine comes with a steel frame which can be used as a support to the aligning body, but with a swift release from the frame, the unit distinguishes itself by being able to work in tight spaces.  The machine also features steel, auto-centering clamps: a special clamp for the fitting, and a couple of paired clamps designed to keep the pipe in position.  It has two trolleys, a fixed and a movable one, with handwheels to ensure a perfect grip between the clamp and pipe/fitting – whenever the job requires a different clamping configuration, it is simple to unlock and change the clamps to your desired location (the special fittings clamp is placed on the fixed trolley).

The heating operation is performed by the R 125 Q hand socket welder with TFE fixed temperature control.  The main distinctiveness of the TFE device is its security: an acoustic auto-diagnosis alarm indicates when the heating plate has reached the working temperature, but also shuts off the heating plate automatically if any anomaly happens. Thanks to a combined control system, the TFE device responds quickly to any temperature fluctuation forced by external causes – this ensures greater precision and reliability in time.  A handle may be placed on the heating plate, in order to simplify the working phases.  The R 125 Q is available in 110 and 230 V.


– Machine body complete with clamps and frame
– R 125 Q TFE hand socket welder
– Socket welder fork support – Clamps for OD 63-75-90-110-125 mm (A or B type) sockets & spigots
– Transport case for socket welder and sockets & spigots
– Transport case for machine body
– Sustaining handle and tool kit

– Steel clamps from Ø 20÷ 63 mm


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