Polyfusion 1 – 25 Sheet Welder (Hydraulic)

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Polyfusion 1-25 Sheet Fusion Welder

The Polyfusion 1-25 is a hydraulically operated butt fusion plastic sheet welding machine, suitable for welding HDPE and PP sheet material. (welding of twin wall sheets is also possible)

The maximum welding width on this model is 1000 mm, with a sheet thickness range of 2mm – 25 mm.

Sheets are clamped to the machine body by manual handwheels; the locking arm has an articulated joint that allows quick opening and easy extraction of the welded sheet products.

The working tables of the machine body have scale readouts on both sides, which speeds up the positioning and centering of the pieces to be welded.

The welding hotplate is located under the machine body and has a manual height adjustment handwheel. The temperature is controlled by a built-in high-precision electronic thermoregulator (Ritmo Digital Dragon Technology).

The weld cycle is handled by a control panel which commands a hydraulic gearcase to open and close the machine. The control panel is adjustable to suit the operator (Dual Pressure welding is also feasible).

Polyfusion 1-25 can carry out straight sheet fusion. It also comes as standard with a small support frame to perform 90 ° welds. Circular welds can be rolled by hand and clamped in the machine also.

Polyfusion 1-25 comes as standard in 230 V but is also available in 110V on request for use on UK construction sites.

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