PE Ball Valve Telescopic Extension Stem for Standard Valve Key 600-1100mm

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Woodside offer a range of FOX Valve Extension Stems which allow Ball Valves to be completely buried below ground, with just a small chamber near the surface from which the valve can be operated.

This Telescopic Valve Extension Stem is available with an adjustable length from 600mm, up to 1100mm. The valve extension stem simply slots on top of the valve, fastens with a retaining pin, and the telescopic riser stem can then be adjusted to the correct height whilst back-filling (depending on the burial depth of the valve).

Once the back-filling is almost complete, one of our valve boxes Box can be installed to cap the top of the stem yet retain control of the valve.

This Extension Stem is operated with a standard valve key for hydrants and ductile valves etc.

For use with Fox Fittings Electrofusion/Spigot PE Ball Valves.