Delta 500 Easy Life Butt Fusion Welder

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The Delta 500 Easy Life is a semi-automatic, pressure butt fusion welding machine suitable for fusing pipework for the transportation of water, gas and other fluids under pressure, from 200mm to 500mm Ø.  The automatic system guarantees continuous repeat of welding cycles, meaning the operator needs only to validate the phases on each new weld.  The EASY LIFE system has the ability to pre-set 50 customised welds, and can also store up to 4000 welding cycles which are downloadable in PDF format via USB.  Thanks to the 3rd clamp being able to be anchored to the 1st and 2nd, it is also possible to weld fittings such as elbows, tees, wyes and stub ends.  Short neck stub ends can also be welded with the help of a special tool available on request.  The standard machine composition includes:

  • A machine body with steel frame, four steel clamps and two hydraulic thrust cylinders with non-drip quick couplings and steel inserts
  • Self detaching heating plate with separate thermometer for reading working temperature
  • Extractable electric milling cutter with a safety microswitch and overload cut-out.  The milling cutter’s plastic control box is protected by a metal frame.
  • Fast unlocking removal system to speed up extraction of milling cutter from the machine body
  • Electrohydraulic EASY LIFE gearcase
  • Milling cutter/heating plate support

‘The Inspector’ data logger can also be easily added if required with factory presets already in place on the machine.

– Clamps’ inserts from Ø 200 to 450 mm
– Tool for flange necks
– Electrical crane
– Special transport wooden case (machine body with trolley)
– Wooden case for inserts
– Rollers