Remedy 1000 Fully Auto Tracked Butt Fusion Machine

Product Code WMBR1000

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The Remedy 1000 is a fully automatic, site welding butt fusion machine equipped with low-vibration diesel engine and rubber tracks for high mobility.

– CNC welding control system allows the operator to setup and control the machine welding cycle in a simple, fast and intuitive way.
– FA: Fully Automatic weld cycle including hotplate removal
– REMEDY 1000 is able to weld fittings such as bends, tees, branches and collars for flanges from 355mm to 1000mm.
– RITMO Patented assist system to open/close/lift clamps.
– Fast-locking system which allows pipe inserts to be changed in a matter of seconds.
– Intuitive control panel and graphic display.
– Removable control panel with datalogging.
– Memory up to 4000 welding reports.
– GPS traceability.
– USB port to download welding data
– On board electric milling cutter with hydraulic positioning and safety microswitches.
– Heating plate with hydraulic movement on the machine, coated with Teflon (PTFE) and supplied with a high temperature resistant bag, which prevents the plate from being scratched.
– Terrain and slope: can climb up 35% slopes and travel on side slopes of 16%
– Remote tracks control for driving the machine on ground (up to 100m range).
– Two Hydraulic side rollers to facilitate pipe loading and handling.


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