FOX DLT Under Pressure Drilling Rig

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The Fox DLT Under Pressure Drilling Rig by Fox Fittings has been designed to be the best, the fastest and the go to solution on the market for connecting to active polyethylene pipelines.

Connection of new mains can have a significant impact on gas and water networks and drilling under pressure allows for a significant reduction in impact by enabling the connection of new pipelines without having to shut the network down.

Thanks to a specially designed cutters developed by Fox Fittings, cutting into an existing pipeline has never been so simple.

Fox DLT is Suitable for use with polymer pipelines carrying water and gas or oil
• No need to cool the cutter during drilling
• Connection through standard 2-inch female EN10226 thread flange
• Leaves minimum swarf or turnings from the drill
• Can be operated manually with ease or with automatic drive if preferred
• Made from acid-resistant steel and bronze
• Drain valve for de-pressurize after drilling
• Simple to operate gives maximum connection speed.

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