Compact 355 Trench Butt Fusion Welder

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Ritmo Compact 355 Trench Butt Fusion Welder

The Ritmo Compact 355 machine is a very special piece of equipment. The 2 jaw chassis design allows it to carry out welds where a 4 jaw chassis couldn’t possibly be located, whilst retaining excellent weld alignment with the special clamp design.

Ritmo patented ‘Smartlock’ quick change pipe inserts for easy changing between pipe sizes.

The COMPACT 355 includes:

– Machine body built with a supporting frame, two clamps and two hydraulic cylinders with fast non-drip coupling connections.

– Teflon-coated (PTFE) heating plate with built-in independent thermometer, to check the working temperature and a high-precision electronic thermo-regulator “Digital Dragon” (±1°C) with digital display and regulating buttons. This system includes Led indicators to check if the machine is working normally (power on and working temperature), contingent probe’s failures and/or temperature anomalies.

– Extractable electric milling cutter with powerful motor to face the ends of the pipes and/or fittings. It includes a safety micro-switch and a thermal circuit breaker.

– An electro-hydraulic gearcase protected from damage and atmospheric corrosion by a plastic injection moulded case. It includes a control lever, to open and close the clamps, pressure set and pressure discharge valves (useful also for the “Dual Pressure” welding process), hydraulic connection hoses with non-drip fast couplings and timer (to check the warming and welding time). The machine comes ready configured for the connection of the electronic controller THE INSPECTOR.

– Milling cutter/ heating plate support.

The Compact 355 is able to weld fittings like elbows, tees, Y-branches and flanges necks and is available in 110 V and 230 V.

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